New STAYFREE® Ultra Thin pads 
with PerfectFit Technology

A period is kind of a hassle. It can make us feel a little self-conscious. Feeling the need to adjust your uncomfortable pad doesn’t help either. It can be awkward and distracting. That’s why new STAYFREE® Ultra Thin pads now have PerfectFit™ Technology* designed to move with you. They reduce bunching and scrunching too, so you won’t need to adjust your pad any more**.

  • Fast-Lock Pockets and an Anti-Leak Core prevent leakage so you’ll feel more comfortably protected throughout your busy day.

  • STAYFREE® Ultra Thin and STAYFREE® Thick pads have a Cottony-Soft Quilted Cover to deliver comfortable protection during your period.

  • STAYFRESH® active odour neutralisers help neutralise odours before they start.


* STAYFREE® Ultra Thin Light do not have PerfectFit™ Technology

** Versus previous STAYFREE® Ultra Thins



Stay Comfortably Protected. STAYFREE®