Ultra Thins

STAYFREE® Ultra Thin Range


Just like the name says, Ultra Thin pads are really really thin. Regular and Super Ultra Thins now have PerfectFit™ Technology^, a combination of thin and flexible layers that move with your body to minimise bunching and scrunching. So you won't need to adjust your pad any more*. They're comfy too. They've even got this Cottony-Soft Quilted Cover that feels nice against your skin.


STAYFREE® with PerfectFit™ Technology fits you well, and when a pad fits you better it offers better protection. They're extra good at soaking up moisture too making you feel comfy and protected.


STAYFRESH™ active odour neutralisers help you feel clean and fresh as a daisy.


STAYFREE® pads have Fast Lock Pockets that lock away moisture instantly. It is also the only pad with THERMOCONTROL™ cover. It sounds pretty technical, but the easy bit is it draws in moisture to keep you dry. And when you've got your period, dry is better.

^STAYFREE Ultra Thin Light do not have PerfectFit™ Technology
*Versus previous STAYFREE® Ultra Thins


Need some help deciding?

Period planner

For a light flow, STAYFREE® Ultra Thin Light are usually best. They have an advanced anti-leak core and unique fast-lock pockets that absorb fluid and lock it away to leave you feeling dry and protected. For a medium flow, try STAYFREE® pads (Ultra Thin or Standard) in Regular absorbency.

When your flow is heavy, choose STAYFREE® pads (Ultra Thin or Standard) with Super absorbency, which are designed to absorb more fluid than a regular pad.